A Sneak-peek of After Ocean in The Sandbox Metaverse

After Ocean
3 min readFeb 24, 2023


We are thrilled to share exciting news about After Ocean, a new map in The Sandbox Metaverse! Any user of The Sandbox can freely explore the After Ocean maps that will be released seasonally.
The After Ocean consists of adventure and raid games that will provide a colorful game experience every season. The NFT Collection will deliver a deeper user experience than existing TSB content. But before the NFT Collection, let us introduce you to the map you will be exploring.

Ready to explore new metaverse world in After Ocean

After Ocean can be largely divided into three areas.

After Ocean can be largely divided into three areas.
You can enjoy a variety of games based on a community space where you can freely interact, raids to defeat monsters and obtain rewards, and casual games in the Adventure Zone.

👥 Hub: Explore various societies of each character and AO creatures in a community space. Buildings and environments with the charm of each race are waiting for you. You can tour freely with your friends, and if there is a town you like, you can also enjoy the game content of the town concept.
🗡️ Raid
: Immerse yourself in the AO story and defeat monsters to earn rewards. AO contents that will grow with users through raids are waiting for you.If you don’t know the story of AO yet, please look forward to the story of AO unfolding here.
🎮 Adventure:
Take a leisurely break and enjoy simple but enjoyable games in the Adventure Zone. You won’t notice the time passing with cute characters. Need a little time to cool off? In that case, visit the Adventure Zone.

You can enjoy AO in various ways, earn rewards, and help donate the environment as we promised. Details about the NFT collection will be announced soon, so don’t miss it.

Time to explore the first adventure🐸

Enjoy the snea-peek of After Ocean adventure with Frogy!

May you are all wondering when we’ll be able to enjoy After Ocean.
After Ocean aims to open at The Sandbox within this year. Embark on a delightful adventure with Frogy the Frog, who has an unpredictable charm. You can enjoy the raid as well as the adventure with professionalism.Let me give you a taste of the adventure that will unfold in the cute world of After Ocean.

The Next adventure will come soon

Tortuga, Finblue, and more will coming soon!

In After Ocean, there are more charming characters besides Frogy. As After Ocean’s seasons open sequentially, there will be more opportunities to enjoy the adventures of other characters you love. You can enjoy adventures with different characters and create your own After Ocean stories through NFTs.

Everyone on the team had a lot of fun creating the After Ocean experiences. I can’t wait to share these delightful experiences. We look forward to the day when we showcase AO as the first content of The Sandbox with Utility.

About After Ocean

It is game content based on The Sandbox and Web3.0. It provides games such as NFT collections, adventures, and raids. Based on NFT Collection, Web3.0 provides users with expanded rewards and experiences. Furthermore, we want to provide a new experience both online and offline with the goal of decentralized game content.

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After Ocean

Get ready to play AfterOcean on The Sandbox 🔹Have fun and help the environment🌍✨ Coming soon!🎮