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After Ocean
2 min readJan 26, 2023
Meet Finblue, Tortuga, Frogy from After Ocean!

How are you doing, SandFam? Did you enjoy the last Alpha seasons?
Of course, Alpha season bring us incredible experiences. And with that, we look forward to even more in The Sandbox’s ecosystem.
We believe that dynamic experience is the key aspect of The Sandbox. If there are something differences, It will be cherry on top🍒

Now, are you ready to experience After Ocean of The Sandbox?

The core of After Ocean experiences is to provide players with enjoyable and entertaining moments. Additionally, the game will have utility through the use of NFTs, such as avatars, wearable items, and game achievements.
These NFTs will enhance player’s experiences and opportunities in the game&web3.0, and will be an integral part of the After Ocean ecosystem.
These NFTs will be available soon.

Interact with other players through web3. With your friends, you can create own fun with creating own story with After Ocean. Imagine playing different game modes — 🛡️Raid, 🎮Arcade, 💰Tycoon and more — all while helping our earth. It sounds great,right?
In After Ocean, you can play the game to your taste. If you get bored with a specific mode, switch to another genre of the games and enjoy After Ocean in a variety of ways.

Moreover, a portion of the profits from After Ocean game will be donated to environmental protection, Which means you are saving the earth by playing games.

We’ve been thinking about how to enhance our experiences for a long time.
And then, we have decided to bring changes to both our online and offline experiences. Keep an eye out for the exciting changes that After Ocean& FacBros will bring.

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After Ocean

Get ready to play AfterOcean on The Sandbox 🔹Have fun and help the environment🌍✨ Coming soon!🎮