‘After Ocean’ of FacBros game studio will be released to you soon.

After Ocean
Sep 8, 2021

About ‘After Ocean’

‘After Ocean’ is an arcade RPG type game in which you adventure the world to save the polluted sea.
Become an A.O commando against everything on earth that pollutes nature, including the sea, and destroy the sources of pollution and unravel the secrets behind it.
You will have to fight various enemies and overcome puzzles and sometimes you will be tasked with collecting necessary items.
I want to share this adventure with you soon.

- Combat with various enemies and interesting puzzles

- Collect items and NFTs

Visit After Ocean’s official website for more information about the game and FacBros.
We will be adding more content in the future.

Twitter : @afterocean_facb
A.O Homepage : https://www.theafterocean.com/
FacBros Homepage : https://www.facbros.com/

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After Ocean

Get ready to play AfterOcean on The Sandbox 🔹Have fun and help the environment🌍✨ Coming soon!🎮